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Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Nobody likes feeling confined to their automobile seat. Having a functional air conditioner in your car may be really helpful during the summer. Before it becomes too hot outdoors, carry out these maintenance tasks to maintain your A/C system in excellent working order.

Check the Cabin Filter

Before the air is circulated throughout the remainder of the car, the cabin air filter cleans the air that enters through the ventilation system of your automobile. The filter can be situated beneath the dashboard or under the hood in addition to the conventional location below the glove box. Once you've located it, look for discoloration and extra debris there. The filter may release unclean air or no air at all if it is too blocked. You can quickly swap out the filter if necessary.

Examine the Blower motor

Air is forced via the dashboard vents by the blower motor. It usually sits beneath the dashboard on the passenger side. The blower motor's condition might result in decreased airflow, strange odours, and/or strange noises.

For instructions on removing the blower motor, consult your owner's handbook. Check it for any debris that could have interfered with its operation. If it has to be changed since it isn't working anymore, you may get the component from Parts Experts. You may accomplish this on your own or with the assistance of a nearby mechanic.

Inspect the Condenser

The condenser may also clog up and affect the quality of airflow in your car, just like the cabin air filter can. Under the car's hood, in front of the radiator, is where you'll find the condenser. Once you've located it, wash any debris off the grille's louvres with a steady spray of water. Pay close attention to the condenser's bottom, where salt and other pollutants like to congregate.

Check the Cooling Fan

The cooling fan, commonly referred to as the radiator fan, is in charge of preventing overheating throughout the whole vehicle, including the engine. The cooling fan is located between the radiator and the engine under the hood. Damage to a number of cooling fan components may have an impact on the vehicle's air conditioning system or other equipment.

The relay is often the component linked to A/C issues out of the temperature sensor, control, fan motor, and relay, since a defective relay can result in engine overheating. Replace the cooling fan relay yourself using components from Parts Experts if you find corrosion in the area.

Inspect the Compressor

At the front of the engine, the compressor is located under the hood. Because it regulates the amount of pressure on the car's refrigerant, which allows the temperature of the vehicle to be changed, some people refer to it as the "heart" of the A/C system.

The compressor interacts with a variety of components. For example, the compressor cannot turn until the serpentine belt is rotating. If it isn't functioning, it could need to be replaced. The compressor piston or clutch wire may be the problem if the belt is spinning.

Performance issues with the compressor might also result from bad clutch oil, a broken thermostat, or low refrigerant levels. Any of these problems might limit airflow. Most compressor issues should be handled by a professional unless you have previous expertise with them.

Tips for Troubleshooting

After doing these inspections, if your air conditioner is still giving you trouble, take it to a nearby technician who can examine it for a more serious issue that needs specialized equipment and in-depth knowledge to fix.

Visit your local Parts Experts store to speak with one of our specialists about used parts or professional guidance on air conditioner parts.

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