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Car Parts that are likely to Break in Winter

Car Parts

Melbourne's winter temperatures, which can vary from 6.5 to 14.2 degrees Celsius, provide particular challenges for moving objects. Even little below freezing will increase the pressure on your car's parts, increasing the likelihood that they may break. Find out which auto parts are most prone to fail during the winter and how to fix them.

Car Battery

Your car's battery is its beating heart. Your automobile won't start if the battery is dead or too weak. Colder weather increases the likelihood of this issue since it slows down the battery's chemical processes. The likelihood that you may experience problems increases as the temperature drops.

If the interior and dash lights in your car start to dim a little bit when you turn the key, this is a good sign that you need a new battery. You can change your battery in approximately 30 minutes, so don't worry.


Despite how crucial the battery is, many people believe that the battery alone powers a car. Actually, the alternator also contributes because it powers the car and charges the battery.

Outside of the engine, the alternator is installed, and belts are often fastened to it. Through some straightforward testing, you may quickly determine if the alternator or battery is the source of your car's problems. You may check for a secondhand alternator from Parts Experts here if that's the problem.


The crankshaft within the engine of your car is turned by the starter. The engine will start running on its own when the starter has twisted the crank twice. Because engines are feedback systems, they depend on movement from each cycle to start the next one once they begin rolling. Your engine won't start if there isn't a starter.

You will need to either repair your starter yourself or have your car towed if it isn't working. Whether you want to replace the starter yourself will depend on where it is located on your car. Depending on your car and the part's availability, you can purchase a used starter from Parts Experts.


Plastic used to make door knobs becomes brittle in cold weather. Doors may even become frozen shut, making attempting to unlock them appear like the central act of your own comic routine.

Fortunately, you have at least three extra door handles if one breaks. But you'll need to replace the damaged one right away. The door handles on every car are made differently, and some are simpler to change than others. For those that are easier to replace, you may get a used handle that we have salvaged from totaled cars that is of the highest calibre.

Wiper Linkage

Even though you can't see it, your car's wiper linkage, also known as the wiper gearbox, is crucial to maintaining your eyesight while driving in bad weather. Under the wiper arms at the bottom of your windscreen is a sizable piece of plastic known as the cowl piece. The wiper linkage is located underneath the cowl piece. Your wipers move at all speeds.

Have you ever activated your windscreen wipers while there was a significant snowfall? Don’t. Your wiper linkage will be strained and maybe even broken as a result. You may purchase a used wiper linkage from Parts Experts depending on the vehicle and the Part's availability.

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